Welcome to the Nannup Chiropractic and Health Centre!

If you are suffering from:

Headache, Neck Pain, Shoulder Problems, Mid Back Pain, Low/Back Pain, Hip Problems, Sciatica, other Leg, Arm and Joint've found the place to be!


We offer:
Chiropractic Adjustments,Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lifestyle Advice, and Ongoing / Supportive / Wellness / Maintainance Care, Physiotherapy, Dry Needling, Hawaiian massage /Bodywork (deep tissue), reiki and Acupressure. You will truly find a complete musculoskeletal health care approach here!

At Nannup Chiropractic you will find an excellent Chiropractor (aka manual therapist). Read about Dr Viktor here. Roughly one day a week Marion McRae (physiotherapist) works out of the Centre, Vicki Marshall (massage and reiki) also. View other images regarding the practise here.

A description of the type of Chiropractic (manual therapy) that Dr Viktor practices can be found here.

Manual therapy covers a broad range of musculoskeletal health care approaches. Dry Massage/
is one of them.

One of Dr Viktor's philosophies is that self-care is paramount to optimum health, your level of health (in the long term) will rarely exceed your level of health related knowledge (and application) and personal development. For this purpose he has written a booklet. This booklet is absolutely free, complimentary with a visit. Please have a browse, read and question or comment on anything you find in it. He will be delighted to explain and demonstrate whatever you may come up with. The information presented mainly deals with good posture, exercises and stretches. However, the body perceives stress in three different forms, mechanical, chemical and mental/spiritual. Biomechanical stress is about physical trauma and the way we use our bodies physically. Chemical stress relates to what we eat, breathe and otherwise ingest. For information on weight loss/detox and health click here. What and how we think makes up the last dimension of the sources of stress.

Pricing is fairly straightforward, HICAPS (private health fund rebates) and EFTPOS (bank, most credit cards can be used) are available. Medicare benefits can be redeemed through the Chronic Disease Management scheme in corporation with a General Practitioner.

You can enter the clinic (Find Us) right off the main road (Vasse Highway turn into Warren Road in town), just enter the third door on the right of the building shown in the photo below.

Busy working on weekdays? Looking after children? Dr Viktor is available for treatment 6 days a week at regular times and prices. For appointments please phone 9756 0577. Please visit the Opening Hours page for more details.

Remember to browse through the pictures (image galley) here (the Posters reflect good/ethical chiropractic practice), keeping in mind to change over categories (slideshow style).

Dr Viktor can be emailed via the Contact Form while other details can be found on the Contact Us page.

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