Meet Dr Viktor and the Practise

Titled Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Viktor Prichodko graduated in 2007 from Murdoch University. Dr Viktor also completed a TAFE short course in remedial massage therapy. Additionally, while at University he trained to be a sports trainer and senior first aider. He is proud to have a broad knowledge of nutrition and related topics.

Born in Germany, he immigrated to Western Australia in his early teenage years. Sports and physical activity have always taken up the majority of his spare time, for example he played/fought Judo/Martial arts for 15 years and has several higher competition (international and Australian national) results to show for it.

Health, the human body and anatomy and physiology have always been part of Viktor's interest and hence entering the chiropractic profession was only a logical next step in his life.

After working at various clinics (southern suburbs Perth and Kalgoorlie) Dr Viktor went on to open a private practise in 2009 in Gosnells. The winds of change have now taken him to beautiful Nannup.

One of Dr Viktor's philosophies is that self-care is paramount to optimum health, your level of health (in the long term) will rarely exceed your level of health related knowledge (and application) and personal development. For this purpose he has written a booklet. This booklet is absolutely free, complimentary with a visit. Please have a browse, read and question or comment on anything you find it. He will be delighted to explain and demonstrate whatever you may come up with.

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