Chiropractic (manual therapy)

The word 'Chiro' means 'Hands' in Greek. As such the word 'chiropractor' is a fancy version of 'hands on practitioner' or 'manual therapist'. Here a treatment lasts longer than 5 minutes and involves more than just 'cracking'. Saying that, Dr Viktor is proficient at caring for all structures of the spine, since all joints of the body fall within the chiropractic realm. On average a treatment will take 20 minutes and generally include adjustments, soft tissue (trigger point) therapy, while stretches, exercise (and instruction), posture pole therapy and advice about anything deemed necessary (eg. posture, sleep, lifting, dietary, etc) may be included. This means that every treatment is a little individual and many aspects of your health will be considered versus adjusting only. A more detailed description of the initial consult can be found at the bottom of this page.

An adjunct to treatment is the posture pole. These are half foam rollers,
used to stretch out your spine, relax it and, as the name suggests, correct posture. When lying on the posture pole, the bones and joints of the spine and the muscles attached to it will be affected.

Soft tissue therapy and adjustments take joints to the extremes of their range of motion, at the same time should be associated with various other techniques (eg. trigger point therapy, mobilisation, simple massage etc). If necessary heat and cold therapy are on hand, strapping and other first aid equipment as well. A massager called a thumper may be used and various other gadgets. An alternative to manual adjustments is delivering these forces using an Activator device, something that will be used occasionally, mainly according to the patient's personal preferences. If certain types pr any of the traditional (manual, diversified) adjustments do not suit then Dr Viktor will be happy to accommodate and change the types of treatment used.

The first visit will take about twice as long as a follow up visit. Dr Viktor will ask detailed questions about your complaint/s (ie. health history), do a thorough physical examination and generally finish with a treatment. In some cases treatment will not be given during the initial consult, however this is rare. Imaging is not a requirement here, though if you can get access to any previous x-rays of your spine and other imaging, then bring them along as they will be helpful. If found clinically relevant Dr Viktor will order/refer out for x-ray. Bulk-billing is available in this case.

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