Detox - Healthy eating

At Nannup Chiropractic & Health Centre good Nutrition is highly valued. It is not easy to find economical and healthy dietary solutions in the supermarket, this is where good advise is very helpful. It makes sense to use of intermittent fasting while consuming of highly nutritious foods. The fact is that almost all every day foods are deficient in nutrients and laced with trace chemicals due to mostly economics – saving costs in production. Disinfectants, preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and more, the list of trace chemicals you will find on/ in supermarket products is endless.

Weight loss, energy & performance and healthy aging are some of Dr Viktor's main goals. The concepts of clean nutrition, intermittent fasting and low calorie intake are of high value. When it comes to Intermittent fasting, once upon a time it eating little or no food for a day or two was a regular occurrence for humans. I vouch for the practice, the health benefits are amazing. I wonder why not everyone is doing it today. Certainly any adult will benefit, of course the young, old, sick and frail need to proceed with caution. Consider this: why not me and why not now? YES YOU can benefit.

Here are a few helpful pieces of information about weight loss:
1. Muscle mass burns energy - simply by existing and bein part of a living human body. Aim for a higher ratio of muscle versus fat, the weight will come off faster. Exercise and eating clean protein promote muscle growth.
2. The scales can be tricky when the goal is a reduction or the reading on the scales. Sometime muscle gain can offset weight loss and result in the scales showing no or little weight loss, particularly if adding regular exercise to the mix.
3. Treat your metabolism with care. It is responsible for using the energy that comes in and burning the energy that we use, thus making it very important to your health and weight loss outcomes. Think steam locomotive and its fire inside. It (& your body) needs continuous supplies, not too much or little though of the right fuel (foods). And water (min 2 liters - 8 x 250ml glasses - a day)!

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