Meet Marion

Physiotherapists are not all cut from the same cloth. Some are passionate, some are not. They all have different levels of training, different areas of interest and different beliefs about what is possible. I have been a physio for over 20 years now. I have worked in all different settings – aged care, orthopaedic hospitals, private practice, elite sports teams, Sydney Olympics, and so on. Over the years my approach has evolved and refined and continues to shift, depending on my latest read, or the latest research. Science is evolving and we are always learning. Physiotherapy is a craft. There are no recipes. I have never replicated an exact treatment in all my years, because people?s bodies and beliefs are all so DIFFERENT. Here is an outline of my basic approach.
We create an accurate snap shot of where you are at NOW.
From there, we try and get clear about where you want to end up. Some patients simply want to ease pain. Others are ready to go to the next level of finding a permanent cure.
We map out a plan, and we get to work.
When it comes to the hands on body approach, I often work on spots that are distant to your pain. I believe that fascial tissues get stuck in certain spots and need releasing. I believe that the nervous system and muscular system cannot be separated. Just like the mind and body cannot be separated. Certain spots on the body control certain movements. If there is sticking, the movement quality is affected and the end result of this is pain. Releasing the stuck tissues is one part, but retraining the movement quality is essential to guarantee long term gains. This is why I chose to call my centre a Movement Studio, rather than a physio clinic. My team and I are all about restoring Movement Quality.
I place a huge emphasis on your feet. If the foundations are not straight, the rest of the body, which is stacked upon your feet, will compensate in various ways. Once I have you weight bearing evenly through your centre, then we move upwards to the pelvis, then the ribcage and finally the head.
Some people have lots to work on, others have minor issues. I love what I do and I love restoring people to quality movement. The path to healing is personal, varied and the timeline is individual. I feel it is an absolute privilege that clients trust me enough to guide them on their journey.

You can get in touch with Marion on 0433 554 253 and find more information on

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